Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Greensboro Historical Museum - Final Presentation

Monday the UNCG GHM design team handed off our deliverables to the GHM trustees. The deliverables included an impressive, (Patrick calls sexy) 1/2" = 1' scaled model of the GHM, with our design modifications, a larger detailed model of the floating wall, and black and white sketch images.

The final meeting was very successful with pleasant appreciations all around. The UNCG design was very pleased to have had the opportunity to work on this project for the community, with hope that someday their proposals may turn into a reality.

Stoel's Studio - Presentation

This week in Stoel's Studio we had our final prototype presentation with our boards

Inspired by Fine Woodworking's book on "Practical Furniture Design from Drawing Board to Smart Construction" by Taunton, I studied joinery in "The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery" by Gary Rogowski. After creating my working drawings I ventured out to the wood store with Stoel and my fellow classmates. After careful calculations, I determined I needed 30 BF.

I'm very proud of my final design project. When I started this project I was afraid of power tools. I had never used them before, and I was afraid of cutting off a finger. Matt from the wood shop had a lot of patience showing me proper procedures to accomplish my goals on the project. After he showed me a process I was empowered to accomplish it on my own. I grew very comfortable working with the bandsaw to shape my wood, and smoothing it down with the grinders and power sanders. But the real magic occurred when I applied the tung oil finish for the very first time. All the curls and contours in the wood popped. It is really beautiful.

But I really have to offer my special thanks to Stoel for his everlasting endurance of patience, and it goes without saying the all the valuable help in the wood shop.

Thank you!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Building the GHM Model

The GHM model is coming along

Looking pretty good on the outside

The interior needs a bit of work still

The GHM desk model -

                             View from entrance 

                            View from receptionist

Stoel's Studio - Assembly

Now the fun part really begins!

  We put the pieces together and Whala - it's a window seat toy chest.  I bet you knew it all along.