Friday, April 26, 2013

Picket Cotton Mill - 2nd Floor Residences

I have not completed my 2nd floor plan, but I plan to have around 30 apartments that are around 1000sf.  Most will be a 1 bedroom, with a den area near the window.  I have apply closet space within the apartment. I am looking into adding a 3rd space in the open area that does not have natural light.  I'm considering a gym or storage.  The corner apartments will be larger 2 bedrooms.  

My standard 1-bedroom floor plan includes stackable washer & dryers with separate hot water heaters, and ample storage for clothing and kitchen pantry.  The standard 1bedroom is approximately 1000sf with built-in bookcase/entertainment center in the living area, and a window seat storage chest in the bedroom.  A den or artist area is near the living area window.  

After feedback from our presentation I have long corridors that do not meet code.  I'm considering revising my long corridor on the left to end into a community screen porch that will exit into an exterior staircase that will pick up the first floor, and the ground floor egress.  I need to do some additional design work on the right side of my plan where there is precious northern light for artists.  I would like some studios there, but considering the depth to the brick wall separation and the dead end corridor that I have on the east side in this area of the design, I am having some difficulty balancing code requirements with design desires.  

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