Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Shading for Visual Comfort

Daylight availability for visual comfort is optimized through the angled surface apertures of the shading device.  The surface configuration captures the daylight and reflects the diffused light into the interior space.  The path of the sun in the Northern Hemisphere of 36 degrees latitude is at the height f solar gain at 4pm during the Summer Solstice with the solar azimuth 52 degrees and the maximum solar altitude 30 degrees.  Based on the path of the sun, we rotated the angles surface apertures 52 degrees to permit more light into the space during the winter months that summer.  

                                    Daylight Shading Model

Inspiration for the shade was influenced by eastern architecture from a culture whose patterns of design were based on the studying the transitional phases of the sun.  The transition in the design of the shade from positive to negative openings follows this philosophy of controlling the access of the desirable qualities of light to enter the interior space.

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